#093: Practicing the Principle of Rest [Podcast]



Tired eyes rarely see a good future, and a tired mind rarely makes good decisions.” ~ Mike Murdock

One of the most damning traits of the western culture is an obsession with being busy. There is a false supposition many have bought into: if you are not busy doing something, you are not valuable.

In the US, a staggering percentage of people experience depression, hypertension, disease, and so many other challenges, and so much of this is tied to stress, anxiety, and lack of REST.

This episode, I want to talk to you about real rest: living from a place of stillness and quiet, even in the midst of chaos. I want to talk to you about being intentional with your life (living strategically), and re-centering in the rest that God has provided us. Today, let’s discuss Practicing the Principle of Rest.

#092: Change & Relationships [Podcast]



It’s been said one is lucky (and even blessed) if in their lifetime they have a handful of true friends. As you and I grow in life, and pursue the things the Father has for us, we will find not everyone is willing to go where you are going.

I want to share with you a little more about my journey the last few years, and how along the way, it has been necessary to evaluate relationships, and make adjustments in order to continue our progress. In this episode I’ll address Change & Relationships: 7 Things You Must Settle In Your Heart.

#091: Where You’ve Been Is Not Where You Are Going! [Podcast]


Where You've Been

Our tendency as human beings is to live in past while being in the present. We tend to see our present and our tomorrow through the lens of yesterday.

In this episode, I want to challenge you with this thought: Right NOW is the best time for you to decide how your future will play out.

Where you’ve been is not where you are going!

Special Edition: Celebrating Our Nation’s Freedom [Podcast]



America, with all of its faults and challenges, still remains a shining beacon of hope, freedom, and opportunity. Without question, the USA stands as evidence of the grace and blessing of God. As I have crisscrossed this nation for the last 20 years, having visited more than 2/3 of the states, what I see is a beautiful land; a blessed people, and a nation that God Himself has raised up as a light.

On this week’s episode, we take time to give thanks and pray that God will bless our nation once more as we turn our hearts towards Him.

#090: Becoming A Cultural Change Agent [Podcast]


Os Hillman.001

For decades and decades, we’ve seen a prevailing mindset – especially among Christians – that the church is the church and everything else is secular, therefore, off-limits.

I believe this is an intentional strategy to keep Kingdom-minded believers quarantined in a limited context (the church), so their influence will be limited (if not completely eliminated) in the marketplace. The fact is, we need leaders in every sphere of our culture, who stand for truth, morals, and Biblical principles.

Our mission is to mobilize believers to take their place in culture and administer transformational leadership to shape and change that culture. What we need are Change Agents. My guest, Os Hillman, speaks with me about just that on today’s episode.

#089: The P Factor: How to Maximize Your Potential and Live Your Very Best Life [Podcast]


The P Factor- How to Maximize Your (2)

I am a firm believer every person ever born has the potential to do something significant with their lives. Success is no respecter of persons; it is attainable by anybody willing to follow certain principles and work diligently to achieve their goals.

There are formulas and keys that assure us tremendous success. Today I’ll share with you The P Factor: 7 P’s that make up this formula, helping us to become all we can be.

#088: “A View From The Top”: An Interview with Aaron Walker [Podcast]


Podcast Template.001


On today’s episode, I talk with my friend and fellow masterminder and coach, Aaron Walker. I met Aaron through Dan Miller several years ago. He demonstrates incredible passion for success, prosperity, and personal growth, and I’m so excited to share our conversation with you today. Truly – we covered so much powerful content in this episode, this might be one of your favorite interviews! I know it’s one of mine.

Aaron also has a special opportunity for our Strategic Living Podcast listening community. See the details below!