Business and Executive Coaching

I am a Certified Master Coach, Leadership Coach, and Certified Master Coach Trainer. Over the last 15 years, I have consulted with and coached dozens of small businesses, entrepreneurs, churches, and non-profit organizations. In today’s social/economic climate, more and more people are looking to create, launch, and build their own businesses, and take ownership of their own destinies. For those that already own their own business, or for those leaders involved in non-profit or church business, there is a great need to strengthen and fine tune the vision, goals, and strategies in order to build a successful and strong venture. The challenges we face are great, and great men and women are being raised up to lead our nation and the world. These men and women need clarity, confidence, strategies, and clear vision to build and to grow their organizations. This is where I come in.


Areas Where A Business/Executive Coach Can Be Of Benefit

  • Refining and Articulating Company Mission
  • Developing or expanding strategic vision
  • Helping grow your business exponentially
  • Building self-esteem and enhancing professional presence
  • Helping you set goals and achieve them
  • Stress management
  • Regaining balance between life and work
  • Identifying Company Culture Issues
  • Staffing Coaching
  • Employee Strengths Assessments
  • Personality Profiles
  • Values Profiles
  • Teams Profiles
  • Marketing Coaching
  • Sales Coaching
  • Be an independent sounding board and strategic partner
  • So much more!

Who Needs A Business/Executive Coach?

Special Offer!

I’m excited to offer you an Introductory Coaching Session at a substantially reduced coaching rate. The best way to understand the true value and potential benefits of coaching is to experience it personally. Until you’ve had the experience of coaching, it will remain a concept in your mind. I want to invite you to schedule a session with me, and see for yourself the value and power of having someone walking along side of you, supporting and encouraging you to achieve your business’ goals and objectives. If you are an executive, my goal is to support you and empower you to become the greatest leader you can be, and help you achieve your personal goals as you serve your organization.

To get the most out of your coaching session with me, spend a few minutes thinking about something you’d liked to be coached around. Perhaps a current challenge, a goal you’d like to achieve or an issue you’d like to resolve. When we schedule the appointment, be prepared to start “on time.” We’ll spend a few minutes with introductions, then jump into coaching. At the end of our call, I’ll give you more information about working with me as a coach – and if it feels like a good match for both of us, we can schedule our next session.

To schedule the session, or to make a general inquiry about my services, simply fill out the following information and hit SUBMIT. I will be notified of your interest and will contact you via email or phone to schedule an appointment. If I have the space in my schedule, I’ll direct you to a link to pay for the Introductory Coaching Session. The fee is $175 for approximately 60 minutes. This fee will go toward your first month of coaching, if you/your company hire me as your coach.

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