#091: Where You’ve Been Is Not Where You Are Going! [Podcast]


Where You've Been

Our tendency as human beings is to live in past while being in the present. We tend to see our present and our tomorrow through the lens of yesterday.

In this episode, I want to challenge you with this thought: Right NOW is the best time for you to decide how your future will play out.

Where you’ve been is not where you are going!

My Story:

  • I was raised in a very traditional and legalistic Christian home.
  • I moved to Jackson, MS, to attend Bible School. Then I dropped out!
  • I traveled around the country and for 12 months, made my ’87 Honda Accord a “University on Wheels”.
  • I met Sabrina in 1988, we married in 1989, and moved to Dallas.
  • In 1996, I met Bishop Tudor Bismark and began traveling all over the world.
  • I planted a church. Wrote a book. God continues to invite me on a journey to the unknown.

12 Things I’ve Learned On My Journey:

  1. Every place I have been, prepared me in some way for the next level.
  2. God invites us on a journey into unchartered areas. The choice is ours as to whether we go.
  3. If you say yes, you must be willing to leave the past behind you, and by faith, walk into what is unseen.
  4. Don’t look for familiar landmarks in new territory – they’re not there.
  5. What was excellent on the previous level is mediocre at best on the new level.
  6. Not every relationship you have will transition with you when you decide to go where God is taking you.
  7. New relationships (strategic relationships) always show up in our life at the right time.
  8. Be prepared for unexpected opportunities to present themselves to you.
  9. Set aside pre-suppositions, and allow the Holy Spirit to ignite creative ideas, uncanny methods, and relevant models for the assignment he has given you.
  10. Walk in the place where you are going.
  11. What you talk about is what you are committed to.
  12. One day is enough.

Closing Thoughts:

Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead  ~ Philippians 3:13

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