#090: Becoming A Cultural Change Agent [Podcast]


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For decades and decades, we’ve seen a prevailing mindset – especially among Christians – that the church is the church and everything else is secular, therefore, off-limits.

I believe this is an intentional strategy to keep Kingdom-minded believers quarantined in a limited context (the church), so their influence will be limited (if not completely eliminated) in the marketplace. The fact is, we need leaders in every sphere of our culture, who stand for truth, morals, and Biblical principles.

Our mission is to mobilize believers to take their place in culture and administer transformational leadership to shape and change that culture. What we need are Change Agents. My guest, Os Hillman, speaks with me about just that on today’s episode.

Os Hillman is president of Marketplace Leaders, an organization whose purpose is to help men and women discover and fulfill God’s complete purposes through their work and to view their work as ministry.

Formerly Os owned an advertising agency but is now an internationally recognized speaker on the subject of faith at work. He is the author of 14 books and a daily email devotional called TGIF: Today God Is First, which has several hundred thousand readers in 105 nations. Os has been featured on CNBC, NBC, LA Times, New York Times, and many other national media as a spokesperson on faith at work. He is a regular contributor to TenTen magazine, ChristianPost.com, CharismaNews.com, and Crosswalk.com.

Os is also president of Aslan, Inc., which provides a leading online “faith-at-work” Christian bookstore called www.TGIFbookstore.com to serve the needs of Christians in their workplace calling.

Os is a true pioneer in the area of equipping and empowering entrepreneurs, CEOs, actors, educators, governments, and sports stars for cultural impact.

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