#083: The Four Steps for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs [Podcast]


Limiting Beliefs

We can actually become STUCK in a present state because of limiting beliefsThe truth is most of what we struggle with in our lives, is not because of someone, or something outside of ourselves. It is because of our underlying core beliefs about life, worth, value, ability, etc.

If we can tune into the thoughts and the self talk taking place in our minds, and change our picture of what is possible, we can change our world.

In this episode, I want to share with you Four Steps For Overcoming Limiting Beliefs.

How you see yourself, your life, relationships, money, success, God, the opposite sex … has a direct bearing on how you will EXPERIENCE these things. 

These kinds of beliefs completely paralyze us from becoming all God has intended us to be. You must change your mind, so you can change your world.

4 Steps for Overcoming Limiting Beliefs:

1. Identify the Limiting Belief

  • Identify marker moments
  • Identify models
  • Identify imposed identities
  • Identify words and ideas adopted as truth
  • Identify opinions of others/yourself

2. Isolate 

  • Stop that! That is not who I am.
  • That is not how I behave.
  • That believe no longer serves me.
  • That is an untruth, therefore I will not align myself with it.

3. Reframe

  • What if…..?
  • Ask yourself questions so you can reframe what really IS possible.

4. Replace

  • What is the truth?
  • How do I effectively replace the old with the new?
  • Word pictures

Closing Thoughts:

As a man thinketh, so is he. We act in accordance with the truth as we believe it to be. In what holds you back in your life, you’ll need to change your mind so you can change your world. Remember these four steps for overcoming limiting beliefs.

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