#071: Reflections: 5 Pivotal Lessons I Learned in 2014 [Podcast]



I see great value in reflecting on a previous season, and identifying the major lessons one has learned, or the landmarks one has crossed. Sir Winston Churchill once said, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Today, I want to look back on last year and share with you 5 Pivotal Lessons I Learned in 2014.

5 Lessons & Landmarks:

1. Walking with the Father is a daily CHOICE.
Learning to Hear and Follow the Father’s Voice

2. The importance of reading
7 Ways You Can Become A Lifetime Learner

3. Being understood is overrated

4. Not all relationships will follow you to the next level

5. New opportunities show up when I become CLEAR on who I am, and who I am not

Action Steps:

1. Continue to learn how to LIVE in His love, and walk by His leadership.  CHOOSE.

2. Purpose TODAY to become a lifestyle learner.
a. Set reading goals
b. Create a book list
c. What are leaders reading?

3. Decide that you will NOT perform to others’ expectations, nor will you seek to be understood.

4. Which relationships need to be:
a. Re-defined?
b. Established with new boundaries?
c. Eliminated?

5. Get clarity on WHO you are, and WHAT you want.
a. Get a coach
b. Work with a mentor
c. Take a course


As you reflect on 2014, what lessons and landmarks were important in your life?

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