#66: Another New Year ~ What Will You Do Different? [Podcast]



Nothing Changes Until Something Changes!

Another year has come and gone, and with all of our ideas, plans and even dreams, WE have to change if our results are going to be different than 2014. So many people can imagine themselves out of debt, healthy and at an ideal weight, making more money, owning THAT house or vehicle, or starting that business, YET, so many struggle to make the necessary internal changes that bring about lasting and positive results.

The issue is not the WHAT, and sometimes it is not even the WHY. The real issue is that WHAT WILL YOU DO? The real issue is are we willing to make necessary changes, adjustments, re-arranging our priorities, applying discipline, structure, coaching, counsel? Are we willing to SHIFT our ways, so that we can SEE the change we desire? Someone once said, we have to BE the change we desire to see.

In this episode, I want to challenge you with this idea: It’s Another New Year ~ What Will You Do Different?


Real resolution REQUIRES corresponding and subsequent ACTION that causes the desired change to occur.

Here is a PROCESS I want to suggest that will help you gain clarity on what it is you want, and what steps you need to take to achieve the results you want in life.

  1. Pray … Ask your Father to open your eyes so you can SEE what He desires for you


  1. What do you want to look different ONE YEAR from now?


  • Closer relationship with God
  • Healed heart
  • Better marriage
  • Relationships with your children
  • New job
  • More money
  • Debts paid off
  • Health – ideal weight?
  • New relationships
  • Launch business
  • Write book
  • New home
  • Your investments funded
  • Married – you have to go where the prospects are!
  • What dreams have you shelved
  • You want to become a pilot?
  • You want to get that degree?
  • Somewhere you want to travel
  1. Describe it … See it
  • Be extremely detailed
  • Assign emotions to this vision/goal
  • What will it be like when …?
  • What will it look like?
  • What will I feel?
  1. Ask yourself the following questions for EACH
  • Do I really want this? Is it really important?
  • Is it aligned with my purpose and God’s plans for my life?
  • If yes, by what date do I commit to reaching this mark?
  • Can I reach this goal doing what I am presently doing?
  • Can I achieve this desire with my current resources, education, or relationships?
  • Does my present environment help me or hurt me in aspiring to these results?
  • What do I need to change?
  • What do I need to do?
  • What accountability or structure do I need to move towards this vision?
  • What can I do TODAY to begin?


  1. Take Action TODAY


  • Identify ONE or TWO changes, steps you ca take immediately and START


  1. Pray
  2. What Do You Want?
  3. See it and Describe it
  4. Ask Questions
  5. Take Action NOW


2015 can (and should) be your BEST YEAR EVER. I encourage you  to … Decide, resolve, re-focus, and take action! Make THIS the day you began the process of transformation and activation for your future. Make this the year that you BECOME all God has created you to be


Another New Year ~ What Will You Do Different?

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