#018: ‘Becoming A Leader That Challenges The Status Quo’ [Podcast]


#018 - Becoming A Leader That Challenges The Status Quo [Podcast]

  • Are you tired of settling for average and ordinary?
  • Are you frustrated with the world around you, and wonder why SOMEBODY doesn’t stand up and make a difference?
  • Are you waiting for someone outside of you to be the person who leads and bucks the system?

On this episode, we will be talking about Becoming A Leader Who Challenges The Status Quo; one that makes an intentional and significant difference in their world.

Today’s podcast is going to be a little different. In fact, there are several things that you will notice that might come across as a little different. I am going to be dealing with the subject of leadership. My intent is to challenge you; to call out some man, some woman to accept the challenge to LEAD their generation. I want to warn you. I may come across a little stronger than I normally do, because I want you to know that the life you are currently living is NOT all you can experience. The circumstances taking place in your personal world, and the world around you are the result of someone’s leadership … maybe not your own. You see, someone has determined that this is where you should be, and because we are all people pleasers in one way or another, we tend to GO ALONG to GET ALONG. Well I am here today to say that is not going to cut it anymore!  It is my desire today to shake you up, and call you out.

The world in which we live is in desperate need of true leadership … transformational leadership.

  • Governments are failing us.
  • Religion has become void of relevance
  • The education sector is in desperate need of real leaders.
  • The business and financial world is looking for leadership
  • More and more people are looking elsewhere for answers.
  • Moral climates are being transformed by small groups of people

A handful of people are determining the future of nations, while the masses just follow along, not realizing that they are simply falling into line; settling for the status quo.

“Status quo, you know, is Latin for ‘the mess we’re in’.

– Ronald Reagan

The methods, the ideas, the philosophies that have brought us to this place will not serve us in this next season. While there are spiritual laws and principles that never change, the season we are in today requires a certain kind of leadership to challenges the norms, and leads a generation to a more fruitful and productive place.

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved on the same level we were on when we created the problem” – Albert Einstein

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you will keep getting the same results. If NOTHING CHANGES, NOTHING CHANGES. If we continue to simply maintain what we’ve been told is normal, we will continue to be relegated to the measure of results that someone else has defined for our lives. If the blind lead the blind, we all fall in the ditch

Right now we are faced with the choice of a lifetime.

  • Continue to follow the masses, and be content to live in mediocrity and settle for something LESS than what God intended, OR,
  • Answer the call, and be the leader that creates the change we desire.

How do we do this?  How does one become a leader who challenges the status quo?

Every person has the capacity to become a leader that challenges the status quo and makes a significant difference in their world by following these       5 Simple Steps.

1. Decide – Decide that average and ordinary is no longer acceptable to you

2. Determine – Determine that YOU will BE the leader that challenges the status quo

3. Describe – Describe the change you desire to see, in whatever area of influence you are called to

4. Design – Design a plan and a strategy that is teachable and can be implemented NOW

5. Do It – Lead by example; be out in front; get up from your seat of complacency and DO SOMETHING!

If you’re not the lead dog, the scenery never changes!

The whole earth is right now awaiting the revealing of the sons of God.

Will you answer the call?

Will you BE that leader?

Will you rise up, even in the face of criticism and persecution?

Will you take the challenge, and begin today to BE THE CHANGE

Will you be the one who refuses to settle for the status quo?

 I believe you can!

I believe you will!

I believe we must … become leaders who challenge the status quo!

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I trust that something we’ve shared today has challenged you to pursue God’s very best for your life, be healed from the past, be transformed in your mind and heart, and be activated to fulfill your unique purpose and destiny.

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